Installation of the Pre-State

Strd. Root-Password: "JulesOS-D"
Boot yours Linux live/rescue disc/usb with networking and opt rsync capacities
Create the partitions and file-systems (btrfs, xfs, zfs, lvm2, luks, mdadm and more)
Download the latest/wanted snapshot at ""
Extract the image/archive by: "tar xvfpj <snapshot.tar.bz2> -C <destination>"
"mount -t proc /proc <destination>/proc"
"mount -o bind /dev <destination>/dev"
"mount -o bind /run <destination>/run"
"mount -o bind /sys <destination>/sys"
EFI boot by: "mount -o bind /sys/firmware/efi/efivars <destination>/sys/firmware/efi/efivars"
"chroot <destination> /bin/bash"
"source /etc/profile"
Edit "/etc/fstab"
Change Root-Password by: "passwd root"
Add User(s) and create passwords with: "useradd -m <username>" and "passwd <username>"
Add User(s) to group "wheel" for "su -" (su-to-root): "usermod -a -G wheel <username>"
Create an /etc/machine-id by: "systemd-machine-id-setup"
Edit /etc/locale.gen and add yours locale and run: "locale-gen"
Activate the locale by: "localectl set-locale LANG=<locale>"
Change yours timezone (default UTC) "ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/<zone>/<choice> /etc/localtime"
Change Hostname by: "hostnamectl set-hostname <hostname>"
Change Keyboard-Layout/Console by: "localectl set-keymap <layout>"
Change Keyboard-Layout/X11 by: "localectl set-x11-keymap <layout>"
Install Grub2-Bootloader by: "grub-install" or "grub-install <device>"
Generate the new Initramfs-Images by: "dracut -f --kver 5.14.10-SRR-FULL && dracut -f --kver 5.14.10-SRR-STATE"
Generate Grub2-Config by: "grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg"